Frozen Pop PSA

Just a quick public service announcement:

Don’t leave a half-drank Coke in the car on a cold day:

Frozen Coke

Luckily, I caught this one before it melted. You may not be so lucky.

One thought on “Frozen Pop PSA”

  1. Hey, you haven’t lived until you’ve detached that once unopened , multiple times frozen, grossly exploded, now somehow empty can of coke that rolled below your passenger seat that you found during spring car cleaning.

    When you finally get the can out and realize there is nothing you can do to clean around it, it is truly one of those a life changing moments…a sense of accomplishment while at the same time a sad acceptance of one’s limitations in life.

    I’m tearing up just recalling that day, sorry man, I’ll have to come back later.

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