Are Women More Fiscally Responsible than Men?

That’s one theory on why single Minnesota women were more than twice as likely to buy a home as single men. Kermit Johnson has the stats. I have theories.

Minnesota Home Buyers

  • 56% of home buyers were married.
  • 24% were single females
  • 11% were single males
  • 9% were unmarried couples

Does this mean that women can’t stand living with each other, so are driven into home ownership out of hate?

Are the unmarried couples all manly couples?

Are women’s disgust with their boyfriend’s apartments driving first time home sales?

Is this a nesting thing?

3 thoughts on “Are Women More Fiscally Responsible than Men?”

  1. I’m not sure if buying a home over the past few years was more fiscally responsible than renting–especially if you take into account the number of incredibly overpriced condos that sold in and around downtown over the past few years that have no way of selling today at the prices they were sold for 2 years ago. I realize that paying rent buys you nothing, but if the rent is soooo much cheaper than your mortgage (plus insurance + property tax), the difference could be put into another financial tool that actually makes money and doesn’t require you to move to use.

    Therefore, I agree with your nesting theory and men, in fact, are more responsible than women. Or maybe they put the difference into a PS3 and a 50″ Plasma TV…

  2. Men already own our condos, that’s why our numbers are so low. Women are just catching up. Because that’s what they are, copy-catters.

  3. My best friend and co-author of our fairy tale, Princess Bubble, and I have said for years, “We are flight attendants and have way more than any of the single guys we meet! What is up with that?” If we were high power career executives I would expect that. But we don’t make any money and have both owned homes since we were in our 20’s and always saved for retirement.

    It is very unattractive to meet guys who have saved less than us! What have they been doing with their money since they don’t have to buy make up or all the girly things we like to buy for upkeep?

    Princess Bubble is a fairy tale about a single princess that buys her own castle and works and is happy even though she has not found “the prince.” But this princess will not rescue a prince from debt and support him for life. No women still want to respect men. Men, make wise choices with your money so we can respect your decisions and we will all live “happily ever after!”

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