Palm Deletes Backup Data?

Dear Palm,

A few months ago, I gave your Palm backup service a try where I was able to sync my Treo’s information to your servers over the phone’s Internet connection. This seemed like a pretty slick idea at the time since I could back up my phone from anywhere I can receive a cell connection.

But then I received this email:

Palm Backup Info


Imagine for a second that I lost my phone while I was traveling and hadn’t backed it up in months. Wouldn’t it kind of suck to come home to find out that my backup had been deleted simply because I hadn’t backed things up in 90 days?

Sorry, but there is no way I can trust using a backup service that throws away my backups. I know I should back up more often than that, but I can’t work with a service that punishes me for being an idiot.

I just have to ask: Was the space required to backup my phone really taking up that much space on your servers?

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