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Fancy Restaurant Brunch Menu Rules

I couldn’t agree more with Amadeus’ assessment of what you can expect to find on the brunch menus of “fancy restaurants”:

I think there are strict rules when it comes to what can be offered. According to “The Fancy Restaurant Brunch Gestapo”, there will be the following items:

1) French toast with some sort of flair (like a banana compote)
2) Eggs Benedict with or without flair (spinach or some such thing)
3) Omelet(s) with flair (fancy cheese, strange veggie)
4) Some sort of baked eggy flairy thing (like eggs en cocotte)
5) Scrambled eggs with flair (often not actually called scrambled)
6) Fruit and granola

One thing that is often not included in the “Fancy Restaurant Brunch” is any form of the standard American breakfast of two eggs, meat, toast, and potatoes.

One I’d add: If there is a buffet, expect to find smoked salmon.

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