Send Rick Klau a Postcard

My friend Rick moved from Naperville, IL to San Ramon, CA to work for a search engine. Unfortunately, the US Postal Service didn’t seem to get the message. His forwarded mail (and mail sent directly to his new address in California) isn’t consistently showing up.

Major suckitude:

I need your help!

The staff at the post office is beyond unhelpful – they actually resent the suggestion that there might be more mail waiting, despite the fact that we’ve been right more often than not. (Me: “Surely there’s more mail.” Them: “No, I’m sure this is it.” Me: “Could you check?” Wait ten minutes. Them: “Here you go, I found some more.” Me: Head explodes.)

Today, it happened again. Hilariously, there was 12 pieces of mail. After 11 days between pickups. One of those was a Christmas card. In years past, we’ve received on average 100 or so Christmas cards. This year? Four so far.

So Rick’s asking for help with an experiment. Send him a postcard, then drop him a quick email telling him when you sent it. Will it show up? Only time will tell.

You can find Rick’s address (and more details about his post office frustrations) on his site at the above link.

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