Facebook Adding Friend Grouping and Permissions

I recently got back from a trip to Argentina and Uruguay which allowed me to update my WhereIveBeen map in Facebook. And drink some wine, eat some beef, and get some sun.

While I was gone, I see that Facebook has announced their plan to give members more control over how they group their friends. Once grouped, you can decide who gets to see what, who can leave wall comments, and other fun stuff.

Let’s face it: not all Facebook friends are created equal. Some are online versions of people you hang out with every week. Others are people with looser connections to your daily life. Or coworkers.

This is a very good thing because the lack of control was getting to the point of causing Facebook to eat itself alive. For many, Facebook starts out as a way to keep in touch with close friends. It’s all about having some fun leaving each other updates, sharing photos, music tastes, etc. But then you find yourself connected with people who aren’t in on every joke and don’t necessarily understand your sense of humor. What do you do then? Start censoring yourself a bit, which takes the fun out of Facebook.

But, if you can prioritize your “friends” (an highly abused term in social networking), you can use the Facebook network for fun and less-fun functions.

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