Pop vs. Soda Map

Cariann sent over this Pop vs Soda map. It’s based on a survey where people first say where they’re from, and are then asked to describe what term they use to describe pop (or soda, Coke, etc).

Pop vs Soda Soft Drink Survey

I imagine people tend to use the term they grew up with except when it’s a burden to stick with your roots after relocating to a different area of the country where people think you’re weird for calling pop “pop.”

6 thoughts on “Pop vs. Soda Map”

  1. As well, you can’t move from a “Coke” location to another without changing your habits or you’ll get a Coca-Cola every time you ask for a soft drink.

  2. I had know idea that St.Louis was the last bastion of Soda-hood between the coasts, holding on for dear life between the crushing Yankee pop-trolls and the coke-heads of the South.

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