Craving a Bubba Keg

While renting a Ryder truck for our recent relo, I noticed this promotion on the wall:

Ryder Truck Rental Bonus program

I don’t plan on moving again anytime soon so it may take a while to earn that Bubba Keg. If you’re moving anytime soon, see if you can get your truck rental applied toward my Bubba Keg account.

One thought on “Craving a Bubba Keg”

  1. Dude, I got one of these for the white elephant exchange at the E&Y ITS/TP Xmas happy hour. Marna ended up stealing it from somebody.

    I got it at Target, regular price was $19.99 but it turned out to be on sale at the register. Maybe if you’d quit ripping Target all the time you’d get this deal too…

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