Buying Eye Glasses Online for $40

Would you buy glasses online? That’s one thing I haven’t bought online yet, but I probably would if I wasn’t buying glasses because I lost or destroyed my previous pair.

Your glasses are going to be made by someone you probably haven’t met who may or may not work at the facility where you picked them out. If you can save money by ordering them online, why not?

Adventures in $40 eyeglasses

I used to wear the same glasses for 3-4 years between changes so I’m finding it incredibly liberating to pick from five different sets of glasses each morning. I have a couple fashionable pairs for going out, a couple understated ones for working and I can even take a chance with a wacky retro frame if I’m in the mood. All told, my glasses cost me from a low of $26 to a high of $84 per pair, mostly depending on the options I picked for lenses. If I had to come up with any criticisms, the only (very) minor issue I had was one pair’s lenses (with identical prescriptions on both sides) were cut slightly different, so that when the light hits them, you can see a bit more of border on one lens over the other (like I said, it’s minor). I purchased frames from four different companies mentioned on the GlassyEyes site and every pair showed up intact and the prescriptions all seemed identical.

Oh yeah, there is that little thing about trying them on before you buy. Hmmm.

5 thoughts on “Buying Eye Glasses Online for $40”

  1. Most people can try frames first in the opticians if they want.The size of the frame is usually on the inside of the side of he frame.Branded designer names like Morgan and Jaguar can then be bought online

  2. I’d *really* prefer to try them on first, but since they’re so cheap, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they didn’t fit perfectly. And I could buy enough to not have to wear the potentially ill-fitting ones all the time.

    Which reminds me I need to restock on contacts. I did just get my eye exam a few months ago so I have a fresh prescription. I think I will be ordering some glasses.

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