Pioneer Press Gathers Google StreetView Reactions

Julio has a nice round-up of reactions to the launch of Google’s StreetView. BTW, that was an embed of the StreetView version of the home for sale in this post.

My favorite quote comes from Steve McPherson, who managed to get in a plug for his dog:

Steve McPherson, of St. Paul said, “I’m pretty sure (Street View) shows my wife picking up after our dog, Gibson, in front of our building.”

I put on my tech hat and came up with this nugget:

Along with looking at their homes or offices, users put Street View to practical use for driving places.

“I think this is going to immediately change the way people look up directions,” said Ed Kohler, a local blogger at “They’ll still do the turn-by-turn thing, but they’ll check out Street View so they can get a feel for the actual property they’re trying to find.”

So Minneapolis has street views now, but Argentina doesn’t even have streets in Google Maps:

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That must make driving difficult.

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