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Minneapolis Homes for Sale: New Deets Feature

I’ve decided to profile a home for sale in Minneapolis each week on The Deets.

Here’s the deal: There are a lot of awesome houses for sale in Minneapolis. I’d like to give some of them a bit more exposure. And I like talking about real estate. That’s pretty much it.

Ground Rules

I’ve decided to set a few ground rules to get things started. Let me know if they don’t make sense or need some refinement.

1. I’ll grab a photo of a house I like, and write my own description of the house.

2. I plan on using an RSS feed from MinnesotaHomes.com to find newly listed homes for sale. Why? RSS feed, of course. New listings will come directly to my Google Reader. They’re the only local broker with RSS feeds of saved searches that I’m aware of (you’re welcome). Oh yeah, and they’re a client.

3. I’ll only write about homes that have at least 8 photos. If they don’t have 8 photos, how am I supposed to talk about it?

4. If you, Deets reader, have a home for sale, shoot me an email with a link to the listing. If it’s for sale by owner, send me a link to your Craigslist (or other) listing. But rule #3 still applies.

5. I may show a bias toward homes with open houses scheduled for the coming weekend. Thursday seems like a good day to run this, so if you’re an agent, have your open house schedule loaded into the MLS by Wednesday (along with 8 photos) for consideration. Agents, you don’t email me submissions. Do your job and I’ll find you. If a property has a particularly interesting story, shoot me an email.

6. I’ll try to link to the listing agent’s site or company site, but if I can’t find it using Google in under a minute, I’ll just default to linking to the listing on MinnesotaHomes.com. I’ll also default to MinnesotaHomes.com if the listing site requires registration or has tiny photos. I can’t send my friends to a site like that.

What am I looking for? Houses that I think Deets readers would find cool. This isn’t Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, Minneapolis Edition, so price isn’t a factor.

What’s the goal here?

If someone decides to buy a house in Minneapolis based on something they read here, that’s cool.

If the quality of home listings in the Twin Cities is somehow improved by snubbing every listing that doesn’t list at least 8 photos, even better.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Look for the first post tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Minneapolis Homes for Sale: New Deets Feature”

  1. According to a quick search on Minnesotahomes.com of School District #1 (Minneapolis), there are 4,378 homes for sale there alone.

    You should Jump in with both feet, Deets! You could do one an hour and have enough inventory to last 182 days!

  2. Throw in a filter for 8 photos, and that 4,378 figure gets knocked down considerably.

    I’ve thought about pre-posting but I’d probably end up with a Dewey defeats Truman issue when a house sells before it hits the site.

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