Home Depot Door Dilemas

First it was Ranty’s experience at the Quarry story:

Emco Storm Door – YOU SUCK!!!

The thing was dented inside the box. Later, I think I sneezed, and it dented again… badly.

Now Scott down in IGH:

Have They Learned Anything in the Last 10 Years?

Yesterday, I received a phone call from The Home Depot on Mendota Road in Inver Grove Heights regarding three exterior doors I had ordered. I was told two of the doors were damaged during shipment. One had its lite (window) shattered and the other had its frame damaged beyond repair.

Scott explains in his post that he saw this sort of thing happen all the time back when he worked at Menard’s.

Sounds like packaging expert could make life better for home improvers and people working for home improvement stores who have to break the bad news to customers all too often.

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