Kyoto Protocol Signing Broken Down by Country

In America, we generally play a game of Majority Rules. But when America participates in games on the world stage, different rules apply.

For example, check out this chart from Inhabitat showing a breakdown of which countries have signed on to the Kyoto protocol and which ONE hasn’t:

Kyoto Protocol by Country

Odds like that make me think, “Is the rest of world really that stupid? Don’t they listen to Rush Limbaugh?”

It’s taken just under 10 years (Dec 11, 1997 treaty) for all but one country in the world to agree that it was time to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Will it take another decade for the last country, the United States, to grudgingly do the right thing? Or will it only take until January 20, 2009?

via Platial

4 thoughts on “Kyoto Protocol Signing Broken Down by Country”

  1. This is a branding issue.
    If it were called the “Environmental Liberty Treaty” we’d be much more interested.

  2. I’ll tone down my response and only say–
    To anyone who ventures the USA as being a world leader…
    I ask in reply–‘In what area might that be, certain death’?

    I see no light, no leadership, no vision, no future from the USA view of the world; only death, both slow and fast, but death nonetheless hastened and horrible.

    And yes, this is the toned down response.

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