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Google Maps Minneapolis Streetview Perspectives

As you may have already heard, Google launched a new Street View feature for Google Maps in the Twin Cities market today that lets you walk around town door by door, street by street. Pretty cool stuff. (Check out the action outside the Deuce Deuce.)

Julio scooped this one over at the Pioneer Press (registration required, I think). Aaron did quite a bit of browsing around the old 35W bridge and found that the time photos were take varies, but you can drive across the old bridge as of today.

There happens to be a local company competing in this space based in the Northern ‘burbs called Geospan. They also to geocoding of drive-by photography (and fly-by).

Here’s the story I haven’t seen covered: Google’s downplaying of the Twin Cities in their announcement. Here’s the headline:

Street View Images for Dallas, Detroit and Other 6 Cities

Dallas and Detroit? You mentioned DALLAS and DETROIT ahead of Minneapolis? WTF, Google! Okay, so maybe we screwed ourselves population-wise by splitting ourselves into dozens of cities, but wouldn’t it be better to hype up cities with more ad dollars? Sorted by median income, the headline reads:

Street View Images for Boston, Minneapolis and some places that may or may not have Internet access

Much better.

2 thoughts on “Google Maps Minneapolis Streetview Perspectives”

  1. Interesting, they went as far south as Northfield, but left a lot of the suburbs in the dark.

  2. “Boston, Minneapolis and some places that may or may not have Internet access”


    Okay, now having clicked through, it’s weird that Dallas/Fort Worth weren’t adjacent, it’s weird that DFW and MSP/the TC weren’t listed as one area, and it’s just plain weird that Boston was downplayed at all.

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