The Key to Corporate Blogging is Listening

People LOVE shortcuts, and blogging is no exception.

For example, corporations are trying to figure out ways to effectively market their businesses in (and to) the blogosphere. Part of this strategy involves figuring out who’s influential in the blogosphere. Companies are being built up around providing answers to corporate customer’s questions about who’s most influential on a given topic.

However, there is another way to tap into the blogosphere that doesn’t involve buying new products and services. It’s called, “listening.”

Check out business blogging guru Robert Scoble’s commentary on his experiences explaining blogging to corporations. What he’s really trying to tell them is that they need to listen to conversations:

Will new Blog Council help big companies get small conversations?

Every company I’ve spoken to, from Loreal to Target to Boeing gets that you need to pay attention to the New York Times. I don’t know of a single corporation who won’t return a journalist’s phone calls from the New York Times.

But, how many companies respond to a kid in Australia who only has three readers? How many companies respond to comments made on people’s Facebook walls? How many companies meet regularly with bloggers (the BBC and Microsoft are tonight at our blogger dinner in London — no “blog council” was needed to demonstrate to them why having conversations with bloggers are important).

Listen to what people are saying about you. Let them know you’re listening and thank them for the feedback.

Is that glamorous? No.

Is it expensive? No.

Is it effective? Yes.

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