Forbes Really Likes Auto-Advancing Slideshows

Who is Forbes’ target market for the lists they create online in slide show formats?

Last night, I noticed a headline on Yahoo’s homepage about a list of richest sports team owners. I thought it would be fun to click through to see where the Minnesota Twin’s Carl Pohlad ranked so I clicked through to what turned out to be a Forbes story delivered as a slide show.

I found Pohlad on the list behind a few soccer tycoons:

Forbes Sports Billionaires

Flash forward to today.

I noticed this morning that I forgot to close the slide show on

This is what my browser history looks like:

Forbes Slideshow History

Either I didn’t sleep last night, or Forbes decided I wanted to watch another slide show, and another, and another. If I was interested in watching slides of sports billionaires occasionally reload on my screen, surely I’d want to keep the action going with the Middle East’s 40 Largest Public Companies and the World’s Most Eligible Royals.

I hope for Forbes’ advertiser’s sake that they’re paying for their ads on a cost per click basis rather than impressions, since I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s sleeping through their ad impressions.

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