Congratulations to Kitchen Logic

As we head into the holiday shopping season, I don’t think I’ll read a better spending story than the one I read this morning on Kitchen Logic’s blog.

She stopped by the post office this morning, and reached an incredible milestone:

Just Like a Big Girl

While this should be no big deal, it is. Because this morning I paid off my credit card balance that I have been carrying for years. For a decade or more, even. I think. Maybe. I’ve always chosen not to think about it too much. This means I get to start fresh with my finances. I get to act like an adult who’s figured out some things in the past 10 years and behave accordingly. I get to make choices without that debt cloud hanging over me. I feel like I can breathe much easier today.

Lordy, it feels good!


2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Kitchen Logic”

  1. Thank you Mr. The Deets! It feels incredible to have the behind me now. I celebrated this afternoon by not spending any money!

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