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Tide’s New Anti-Clothes Washing Campaign

For the girls who don’t want to put “the girls” in a worn and dirty bra, Tide has an idea:

Wash it? Heck no.

DON’T wash it.

Just turn it into a fresh smelling Tide chemical bomb.

Tide’s ‘Washday Miracle’: Not Doing Laundry

Luring frat brothers
Not only is Procter & Gamble Co.’s iconic brand telling college students it’s OK to rewear their clothes between washes, it’s actually encouraging them to do so. Swash by Tide, a sort of megabrand for laundry slackers, has set up a pop-up store just off campus on High Street in Columbus, close enough to Ohio State’s fraternity row for visitors to practically smell the dirty laundry (or maybe it’s generations of stale beer in the carpet).

Swash is offering students dryer sheets, dewrinkling spray, stain-removing pens, odor-removing sprays and lint rollers that can help give their clothes the look and smell of having been washed without the trouble or expense of actual washing. In the process, the brand’s helping eliminate the one domestic chore most college students do.

Should I do Carly’s laundry for her while she’s out of town the new Tide way?

4 thoughts on “Tide’s New Anti-Clothes Washing Campaign”

  1. Is this better or worse for the environment than real washing?

    Also… if it looks and smells washed, isn’t it – for all intents and purposes – washed?

  2. my wife washes everything she wears…a different pair of pjs everynight…I always bug her about it cause I am the one stuck folding that damn things.

    Ahh ha : maybe this whole granola eating green thing can benefit me finally.

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