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Tillie’s Bean is Facing Challenges

Sam Newberg has a pretty good summary of the challenges Tillie’s Bean has been facing lately.

The Continuing Story of My Third Place

Maggie Turner, the owner of Tillie’s Bean, knew three years ago when she opened that there would be bumps in the road, but never foresaw the cumulative effect of two summers of road construction on the street outside her door, a break-in, a robbery, multiple graffiti “taggings,” and a drug overdose in her restroom. But she said she is a fighter, and with luck she has dedicated customers that will return once she is open again. I hope so – it is a fight worth fighting.

As Dodgeball users know, Tillie’s is a popular hang-out for Ben (from BenCredible) and me for cupcakes and tea. For example, here’s a shot of Ben with tea at Tillie’s:

TotD - Toasted Rice (Gen Mai)

And a day where he needed both liquid and solid caffeine fixes:

A BenCredible Breakfast

And here’s an example of gang etchings into the windows of Tillie’s from July:

Tillie's Bean Windows Etching

Tillie’s is one of the best things happening on the entire length of 38th Street. Find time to stop in, buy something, and let the staff know you care once they get things back up and turned around.

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