Feel Lengthened and Energized with Gyrotonic Workouts

Who doesn’t want to feel lengthened & energized? But wouldn’t a Viagra with a Sparks chaser accomplish that?

Apparently, this helps you connect with “your core, your deepest core, your seed center.”

Has anyone gotten their Gyrotonic on?

I could see Ben from BenCredible getting into something like this since it involves gadgets.

via Metro

3 thoughts on “Feel Lengthened and Energized with Gyrotonic Workouts”

  1. It didn’t look too painful…until you put the image of BenCredible into it…now, I will excuse myself to go wash my eyes out.

  2. If some dude tries to touch me like that, I’m going to fuck him up. Platonically speaking of, course.

    It moved.

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