MinnPost.com’s First Video

MinnPost has an excellent story with accompanying video about people who are working to identify the graves of people who lived and died in Minnesota’s state hospitals and were buried in numbered graves. This is a great example of well done web journalism:

Grave by grave, group restores Minnesotans’ forgotten lives

In death as in life, a name symbolizes a human being. Yet at least 8,700 persons who lived and died in Minnesota state hospitals still lie in unnamed graves.

In life, their days were marked by mental illness, developmental disabilities, tuberculosis, alcoholism, epilepsy. In death, their graves are marked by numbers scratched on metal tags or chiseled on tops of concrete cylinders about the size of a coffee can.

The video is larger on The Deets than on MinnPost because I decided to use more space for it. If you decide to embed a MinnPost video in your site, just change the width and height settings to something suitable. I went with 492×400 here.

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