Feed Aggregation Mystery Site

I’ve noticed a spike in hits to our RSS feed from a site called and decided to do some investigating.

Here’s a shot of the site’s “Welcome” page:

That raises a question for me: if the site is pulling our RSS feed without explanation, am I supposed to be there or not? What uses should be disclosed?

A check of the domain’s Whois shows that Garrick Van Buren is behind this project.

Cullect also has a Twitter profile with the following bio: “Minimizing Feed Aggrevation.” Links from Cullect’s Twitter Profile seem to discuss an RSS reading application Garrick’s building called FeedSeeder.

A little more digging – in this case, checking Google’s cache for pages from before they password protected the site – found this: Sneak Preview

To me, this looks like a community based RSS reader where you’ll be able to read RSS feeds that are recommended to you by your friends. I could be wrong, but that’s what it looks like to me. The idea being that you’ll find better content to read by tapping into the shared knowledge of like minded colleagues.

Time will tell.

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