Examples of Distributed Content

I’ve been thinking about how content is becoming more distributed lately, and thought I’d list a few examples of how this works in my life:

1. Meebo: I chat simultaneously with friends who are using Gtalk and Yahoo chat through a single web based interface rather than running multiple resource-intensive chat applications on my desktop.

2. Facebook SMS: I receive new friend requests and wall updates via SMS. I can choose to accept friend requests from my phone by replying with a single letter ‘a’ and follow up with messages to my new friends via SMS.

3. Craigslist via Google Reader: I subscribe to searches for specific products that interest me. New listings matching my custom criteria automatically come to me within minutes of their posting on Craigslist.

4. Digg, Techmeme, & Google News: I catch up on headlines using aggregators rather than relying on the sites where the headlines were originally created. This gives me quick access to the cream of a much larger crop.

What would you add to this list?

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