Presidential Candidate Test

Ben from turned me on to this presidential candidate test from

Political Leaning

Somehow, I doubt I’ll end up voting for Gravel next November.

4 thoughts on “Presidential Candidate Test”

  1. Hah, I got Gravel too ( 90% ).

    Maybe if they had a question asking whether or not you want your president to sound completely insane every time he speaks, that would even things out a bit in terms of Gravel.

    These polls are interesting, but not too consistent. I just took the On The Issues VoteMatch Quiz and my result was Hillary, pretty far from Gravel I would think.

  2. What’s a Gravel?

    I had 78% Kucinich and Obama and Biden tied at 75%.

    I’ll have to do Gabe’s On the Issues and get back to you.

  3. What’s a Chris Dodd? He was my closest match from the On The Issues Vote Match Quiz.

    Kucinich was second. Hillary came in 3rd which is somewhat comforting since she’s whom I’ll no choice but to vote for in a year.

  4. Still laughing about Gabe’s comment re: “whether or not you want your president to sound completely insane every time he speaks”….as I feel that way every time Kucinich talks in a debate.

    And, as I was about to poke fun at Ed’s Gravel choice…I figured I should try this myself.

    84% Richardson (whom I can’t stand)
    84% Kucinich (whose insane)
    83% Gravel (who has less chance of winning than Stephan Colbert).

    Then, as I was digging into where I differed on issues with the likely contenders (Hillary, Hillary Clinton, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Barack and Edwards), I was shocked by their gay marriage position. I’m suddenly wondering if I’m just really far left, or if Hillary and all are quasi Republicans…or just taking moderate positions for political reasons. Hmmm…got some research to do!

    Freets – save me!

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