John Hines Dropped by Clear Channel

I can’t say that I’ve followed John Hines’ career closely in recent years – not being a country music fan (his last stint was at 102) – but every time I hear his name I think back to Hine & Berglund doing the morning show on WLOL, 99.5 FM.

Remember when we had a choice of crappy top-40 stations in this town? Those where the days.

The Wikipedia crowd says that the LOL in WLOL stood for Land of Lakes rather than the more common “Laugh Out Loud” associated with the initials these days.

Hines hasn’t reached Wikipedia status, unlike Jason DeRusha, or Dave Ryan’s morning show. Although it’s worth noting that Dave Ryan’s morning show page is categorized under, “Articles with topics of unclear notability from November 2007.” DeRusha’s categorized under “Living people” which sounds about right.

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