Overlapping Starfishes

Darren Barefoot put together a great starfish diagram to help explain Robert Scoble’s recent video where Scoble outlines how conversations move around the web from platform to platform.

The idea here is that conversations aren’t limited to just blogging, or YouTube, or Twitter. The conversation is not platform dependent.

However, the reality of web conversations has yet another level: personal vs. professional. Most people I know who use the web for professional conversations also have a personal life that’s at least partly lived online. And it uses many of the same services outlines in the starfish diagram. For example, a person may use Twitter to keep in touch with personal friends who may or may not share professional interests. One may also load a combination of personal and professional photos to Flickr, and use YouTube to publish both professional and personal videos.

Sorting out the boundaries between personal and professional starfish diagrams is something we’ll see more stories about over the next year or two as more conversations move onto the public web to take advantage of the powerful communication platforms.

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