Caribou Coffee Add Power Outlets

I had a meeting yesterday afternoon at a newly opened Caribou Coffee in Minnetonka, Minnesota. In fact, I believe it was their first day.

After ordering my drink, I went through my normal routine of surveying the tables to find one near a power outlet. A quick glance found one along a wall, so I started walking toward it.

However, one my way to that table I noticed something I’ve never seen in a coffee shop before:

Caribou Coffee Floor Outlets

Caribou Coffee actually installed power outlets in the floor of this new store, providing easy access to power from every table in the place!

There are tons of coffee shops in Minnetonka, including another Caribou Coffee location only blocks from this location (actually, that’s the one I was supposed to be at, but I went to the new one by accident) but I now have an obvious first choice for meetings in this part of the Twin Cities.

Easily accessible power, free WiFi (you have to buy something every hour), and good drinks. I’m sold.

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