Our New House

Carly and I had our offer accepted on a new house today. It’s just over a block North of our current house on the same street.

Our New House

We close before Thanksgiving so we’re going to start throwing a ton of stuff away so we won’t have to move it.

10 thoughts on “Our New House”

  1. Wow, Ed. That sounds incredibly earth friendly. Throw away stuff? I figured you’d be the kind to craigslist everything. Beware of the guy who bids on everything you own who lives in So-Long (south longfellow)– he might just be bidding on your Lake 8 life…

    That being said, I’ll be happy to bring a few bottles of wine (maybe even the splendid woot.wine selection) to your house warming party.

  2. So-Long? Is that where SeaSalt is? Or the little pocket between 46th St and Minnehaha Falls park?

    You overestimate the folks down here in LoFo where I live. Yo think we’d actually PAY for hand-me-downs? Look at our TVs, microwave, VCR… So many items , so very free, so very handed down.

    Pay for stuff on Craig’s List. What do you think we are down here? Made of money?

    Ed congrats on the house. Here’s to the world’s shortest move ever. Since you guys are all fancy is Lake8, I suspect you’ll be hiring professional movers. Maybe you should, just to be funny.

  3. Kirk – although Ed hasn’t craigslisted all of our personal items, I do have several bags piled up and ready to give to ARC. The best part about that is ARC does a pick up at each house in our neighborhood once a month and it goes to a good cause!

  4. Actually the world’s shortest move was when my mom bought the house around the corner from our house. My sister and I actually hauled our belongings around the block in a wagon and wheel barrel, respectively. We were teenagers at the time so it was totally embarrassing.

  5. LOL – Emily that’s funny. Do you still have your wagon? Maybe you could lend it to us. I was already thinking that with our gas grill I could just wheel it down the sidewalk.

  6. Wait a minute, you’re only moving a block away to a larger house… you’ll have plenty o’ room for all that crap! You just need more people to help you move it.

    Congrats! I’m sure you’ll have a housewarming party before we do.

  7. Rock on Carly and Ed! Can’t wait for the housewarming party! Especially since Kirk’s bringing the Woot.wine
    Very exciting – Congrats!

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