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How to Taste Wine Wiki

Via Winecast & Lifehacker, WikiHow – a wikipedia style site that specializes in how-to articles – has a great writeup on how to taste wine.

This is my favorite tip:

When you go wine tasting, you will encounter “wine snobs.” These individuals sniff out newcomers like bloodhounds and mercilessly force their opinions on them. Avoid wine snobs if you can.

The biggest oversight is in pouring. They don’t explain the best way to pour wine from a box. Should you take the box out of the refrigerator, or just pour it while the fridge door is open? Which is a better environmental choice? I need answers.

One thought on “How to Taste Wine Wiki”

  1. Yes, I have often thought that wine tasting is alarmingly subjective. Oddly enough, of all the senses where people could find consensual concordance, I trust taste and smell the least. I’m not really sure why that is, though.

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