Beer & Wine & e.p.t.

Beer & Wine & e.p.t., originally uploaded by edkohler.

Is it just by chance that the Beer & Wine aisle is right next to the pregnancy tests in this Virginia grocery store?

BTW, this is REAL beer – in a grocery store. Not the 3.2 stuff you’ll find in Minnesota groceries.

5 thoughts on “Beer & Wine & e.p.t.”

  1. You bastard, my heart seriously jumped into my throat when I saw the boxes of Yuengling but quickly sank through my feet, into the carpet, and is now residing 10 feet into the earth beneath my home because it isn’t actually available in MN.

    I already knew this though, being that Yuengling told me that they have absolutely no plans to bring their excellent beer here for at least the next 10 years.


  2. I travel to the Blacksburg, VA area frequently for work there’s a wine aisle in the local Target. It’s the only time I’ve ever thought “I wish Minnesota were more like Virginia.”

  3. Shit, that is the best beer for the buck in the country. And the oldest too. I lived in DC for 7 years (most of that time walking distance from the start of your marathon – good luck by the way!), and there’s nothing I miss more than Yuengling. But they refuse to sell west of the Apps. East coast snobs!

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