Sureno 13 MySpace Layouts

I noticed an up-tick in Sureno 13 Google search referrals after the Gang Activity in Longfellow Park post went live.

A quick check showed that the park board member who sent out the memo misspelled Sureno as Sureneo. As I understand it, the term is actually Sureño, so her spelling was phonetically correct.

A little more Googling the gang name led me to a site wehre I could pimp my MySpace profile with Sureno 13 themes! It doesn’t get much more gangsta than that.

Sureno 13 MySpace Templates

It turns out you can also buy Sureno 13 ringtones:

Sureno 13 Ringtones

7 thoughts on “Sureno 13 MySpace Layouts”

  1. So does Facebook have classier, older gangstas? Instead of gangstas are they actually gangsTERs? Old the olde tyme gangsters like Crips, Bloods, and the Mafia keep it professional on facebook.

  2. I can’t believe that criminal associations are this mainstream. Would pimping your myspace in sur 13 fashion be probable cause for police surveillance?

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