MinnPost.com Reveals Site Preview

MinnPost.com has released a preview of what their soon to launch news site will look like:

MinnPost.com Homepage Preview

It looks pretty good. Clean. Fairly scannable. Links to a river of news stories and posts along with a link to a river of comments would seem like valuable additions.

I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t more real estate set aside for ad space. Clean is good, but it’s tough to bring in much ad revenue without ads.

The use of sketches for authors seems strange to me. Personally, I prefer author images that build a personal connection with readers. Eyes play the biggest roll in this. As Ben from BenCredible likes to say, everyone’s eyes are drawn toward people’s eyes, so make sure their eyes are in focus when shooting video. I don’t think that translates to sketches very well. The Huffington Post uses b&w images of authors, which is a pretty smart strategy. That makes it fast and easy to get author submitted photos of themselves into the system with a consistent, yet personal, look. That could be done with the journalist photos they’ve already collected.

Will the RSS icon take people to a page with RSS options or will it like to a site-wide fire hose of content? Can I subscribe by topic, author, post comments?

Since the target audience isn’t the most tech savvy, is an RSS icon enough of an explanation of syndication options.

I’d also drop the “Home” link from the homepage. Redundant.

There is a Corrections link in the footer. Will stories themselves be updated with corrections?

2 thoughts on “MinnPost.com Reveals Site Preview”

  1. The whole thing is in latin! How is anyone supposed to read it… (I kid, I kid….)

    The whole thing seems a little… bland and garish to me. Minnesota has some of the ugliest colors on the planet, and sticking to them so rigidly isn’t so good… Dunno why they didn’t pick something a little more nuanced and expressive for the header.

    The top nav bar seems like it’s already crammed full of stuff.. What are they going to do when they need to add another category? I agree on cutting the Home link; just make Minnpost.com linkable to… you guessed it, http://minnpost.com/.

    Why is the date so big on the news story, only to be repeated again below? I think coming to a site like this, I’m kind of expecting them to have taken some care to select the most current and relevant news items and putting them up top. I’d knock that whole first column on the left over to the farthest right, kind of like this…

    Ahhhhh hell, easier to do in photoshop…


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