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Gang Activity at Longfellow Park

Apparently, some gang members didn’t get the memo that gangs aren’t welcome to the East of Hiawatha.*

via SAFE 3.4:

I am writing in regards to a gun being recovered at Longfellow Park on Sunday, October 21st.

On Sunday, October 21st, a park officer responded to a disturbance call to the park. When he arrived, he observed a group of Sureneo 13 gang members having a meeting. The officer noted that the garbage can nearby appeared to have been moved. When he checked under it, he located a loaded revolver. The group was then all searched, ID’d, and released. No further weapons were found. The gun was inventoried and will be held for prints.

But the main reason for my email is to have you possibly share this with your email lists/block club leaders especially the ones located very closely to the park grounds. We need all their help and assistance to deter this type of activity in our neighborhood. They apparently have been meeting a majority of the time during the late weekend hours (when the park is not open and no staff are present). The police are asking the community to just call 911 when they suspect anything out of the ordinary.

Please give me a call also – so we can briefly chat and if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you very much for your cooperation,

Nikki Friederich
Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board
Recreation Supervisor
Longfellow Community Center
3435 36th Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406
612-370-4957 (Voice)
612-722-3828 (Fax)

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* This is not meant to suggest that gangs are welcome to the West of Hiawatha, but reflect on the thoroughfare’s arbitrary boundary between Longfellow and neighborhoods to the west.

7 thoughts on “Gang Activity at Longfellow Park”

  1. I play hockey at this park in the winter, so it will be interesting to see if the Sureneo 13 will form a team.

    Hopefully they just meet at Longfellow, and then retreat back West to tag buildings.

  2. Thank the “sanctuary city” policies foisted on Minneapolis by the city’s retarded government.

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