Virtual Personal Assistants

I was researching virtual personal assistants the other day on and found some awesome tasks that they can be used for.

Get FridayFor those of you not familiar with the concept, a virtual personal assistant is someone who can help you with tasks, but doesn’t share an office with you. In the case of, their staff of VPAs are in India and work for between $7-10/hr depending on the contract agreement.

They give examples of common things they help people with, like travel booking, paying bills, and data entry. But check out a few highlights from the “rarer” tasks they handle:

– Daily wake up calls with the local weather report and instructions to get up, make the bed and exercise.

– Apologizing and sending flowers and cards on their behalf to spouses of clients.

– Reading bedtime stories to a young child on phone

A daily motivational wake-up call from India could do wonders for my marathon training.

Carly likes flowers, and she also like apologies.

We don’t have kids yet, but now that I know that we can outsource mundane parenting tasks like reading bedtime stories, maybe it’s time?

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  1. That’s great. It’s like having a personal secretary. Don’t know if I’d trust someone working for 7 bucks an hour in a far away, semi-periphiral country with my checking account and credit card info tho.

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