The 2-Mile Bike Commute Challenge

The Other Mike found a story on Biking Bis where they explained that 40% of commuting is done within 2 miles of home. With that in mind, why not try using something other than a car for such short trips?

Before committing to it, I decided to figure out what 2-miles from my house looks like on a map, and here that is:

2-Mile Radius

After making my map on, I realized that it’s easier to do on the 2 Mile Challenge website.

Here’s what I’m seeing:

– Groceries: I can bike to Cub, Rainbow, and the Seward Coop. Lunds in Highland is just past 2 miles.

– Dining: There are at least 50 restaurants within 2-miles of my house.

– Desert: There are at least 4 ice cream shops, including 2 Dairy Queens, Izzy’s, and that place on Franklin in Seward.

– Caffeine: There are probably a dozen coffee shops in this 2-mile radius.

– Hardware Stores: There are stores on Lake, Franklin, Minnehaha (pretty sure that’s still there), Grand Ave, and a Menard’s on University Ave.

And this falls within a no sweat, no special clothes, just roll distance. That’s workable.

6 thoughts on “The 2-Mile Bike Commute Challenge”

  1. This is something I’d love to do if I didn’t work so far away. If my office was more keen on more regular telecommuting, I’d absolutely take the challenge. I challenge myself to shop and dine locally anyway. Just need to do it on bike more often than I do now.

  2. The Whole Foods in St. Paul is also on that map.

    These ideas always sound so good in the fall, but when Spring comes around, I always hop right back into the car for these short trips. Maybe next year will be different 🙂

  3. Hmmm, 50 restaurants within a 2 mile radius? Sounds like a recipe for disaster and getting enormous. Thank goodness you are such a fast skater.

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