Find a Location's Name using Bird's-Eye Views

What can you do if you’ve been somewhere but can’t remember where it was you were?

Okay, that’s pretty vague. How about if you went to a store or restaurant, but can’t remember the name of it when you’re trying to recommend it to a friend? That could be a pain to figure out.

If it’s a restaurant, you could probably hop on any popular mapping site, search for restaurants, and zoom in on the map until you’re over the area you dined. This should bring up a marker for the location.

But here’s a twist on things: what if you’re looking for something that’s not as easily categories as restaurants?

That brings us to a situation Darrel Austin ran into where he was trying to figure out the name for a retail store that sells storage supplies.

He remembered where it was, but was pretty sure the name had changed. So, how did he figure out the new name of the store? By zooming in on the store’s location using’s bird’s-eye view until he could read the sign on the front of the store.

Want to know the name. Just look at it . . . virtually.

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