3.2 Sparks Saddens Me

3.2 Sparks Saddens Me, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Some things just shouldn’t be 3.2-ified.

What’s next? Decaf Sparks?

4 thoughts on “3.2 Sparks Saddens Me”

  1. Com’n, it all boils down to finding that key marketing niche–
    Sparks 3.2
    For that discriminating drinker who likes to keep a buzz from getting in the way of his buzz…
    *cue headshot with startled smile fading as eyes dart from side to side*

  2. This truly sickens me! What sort of world are we living in when a person can’t buy full alcohol Sparks? Is this fall out from the Patriot Act? What right will be stripped from me next???

    I assume Jesse Jackson should be on location and this liquor store to protest the atrocity? I’ll be right by his side.

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