Airport Closes – Hunt for Power Begins

The Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport was shut down for a bit this afternoon due to a flash flood. No planes were taking off or landing, so passengers waiting in the terminal decided it was time to hunker down near an outlet while they waited out the storm.

The storm was intense, but passed through quickly (at least this wave of it has):

September 30, 2007 Radar

Since the Vikings game was on, some people chose to watch the Vikings help Brett Favre make NFL history in downtown Minneapolis’ the climate controlled Metrodome:

Packers vs Vikings at MSP

But the techie crowd – or, people with laptops and cell phones running short on juice – found themselves scrambling for outlets, including spots along the floor in Concourse G:

Tethered to Outlets

It’s worth noting that a few passengers turned to books rather than laptops to help deal with their unplanned boredom.

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