Minneapolis Crime of the Week


1st Av/3rd St N:

Officers observed person acting disorderly, refused to leave area at 2 am, stood in middle of street, screaming about wanting a car; suspect taken by booking van to HECO Jail; at 6 am officers received call from jail; during booking suspect demanded to meet bail with money removed from prosthetic leg, HESO deputies checked inside leg for further evidence, discovered 12 large bundles of crack cocaine and identification with suspect’s true name

And more action on 38th St E:

3700 blk Elliot Av S:

Officers responded to the area on report of a shooting; 12-yr-old victim (child of homeowner where Mark Loesch found murdered); victim told officers shooting started around intersection of 38th/Chicago, victim hit by bullet able to get home before collapsing, not able to provide any suspect description, information

One thought on “Minneapolis Crime of the Week”

  1. The amazing set of stones on the artificial leg guy – truly breathtaking to behold! I can’t quite believe he forgot the crack was in there, but I’m struggling to find another explanation.

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