Lutsen Fall Colors Status Report

I received an email newsletter from Lutsen Mountains on Thursday hyping their fall colors scene. Very appropriate. But this part confuses me.

Here is a picture they say was taken last Sunday, September 23rd:

Lutsen Fall Colors

And here is a picture taken by Katie Cannon of Camacho Watcho of Carly on the same day in Grand Marais (a bit North of Lutsen):

Carly on Eagle Mountain

Notice any difference in the fall colors? We had to drive past Lutsen on the way to Grand Marais and it didn’t look anything like the first picture from the highway.

Is this false advertising, or are the at-peak trees hiding in the hills around Lutsen?

Regardless, I’m sure the fall colors are going to be awesome this weekend since we were just a bit early this previous weekend.

One thought on “Lutsen Fall Colors Status Report”

  1. That first picture was probably taken inland around Oberg Mountain. You have to go inland to see it like this. Last year we went up and it was very green on the shore, but just go inland to the right places and it indeed does look like that.

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