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Foshay Tower’s Early History

I’m really digging the NY Times archives.

For example, it’s fairly well known that the Foshay Tower’s founder went bankrupt after the building was built. It seems like the trivia about the John Sousa march commissioned for the dedication ceremony comes up from time to time on Almanac. (The check to Sousa bounced, so Sousa banned the march from being played after that.)

But the story takes on new life when you can scroll through the headlines from that time period:

August 25, 1929 – An announcement about the following week’s dedication runs in the NY Times:

Picture 9.png

August 31, 1929 – Story on the dedication ceremony:

Picture 11.png

November 2, 1929 – Bankruptcy

Picture 12.png

April 18, 1930 – Foshay for Sale

Picture 13.png

That was fast.

2 thoughts on “Foshay Tower’s Early History”

  1. Great post! That’s an incredible turnaround. I like the way it puts the lie to the notion that things happen faster nowadays. As a sometime-historian, I hate the conventional wisdom that things were slower and/or easier “back then” (the 1950s, the 1920s, the 1860s, whenever); these clips provide a great counterexample.

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