Amazon's MP3 Store: SEO Potential. Where's the Wiki?

Amazon’s MP3 download store launched today, and I’m quickly turning into a big fan.

What impressed me first was the easy to use web based interface. No need to launch a iTunes, update to the latest version of the software that did nothing to improve the program from my perspective, load the iTunes Music Store, then start searching. Amazon’s web interface is much friendlier.

Second was the sample player. For example, check out this page for the Beastie Boys. Clicking the Preview All button starts a track running through everything available from the Beastie Boys in continuous 30 second samples. This makes it easy to passively find songs that you just have to own after a quick reminder. More value (samples) with less work (clicking).

Each song has it’s own web page, and knowing what Amazon knows about search engine optimization, there is a LOT of potential for Amazon song pages to start popping up near the top of search results on Google, making Amazon the first stop for people song shopping.

Where’s the Wiki?

One thing that’s missing from the song pages that’s found on many other product pages within the site is a Wiki. Will Amazon get around to adding wiki functionality, thus allowing consumers to build out song lyrics? That could be a HUGE differentiator between Amazon and everyone else in this market, and it would cost them next to nothing to implement.

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