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Nissan Armada SUV Review

Sometimes, driving a big freaking boat of an SUV just does cut it. That’s when you know it’s time to step climb up into the Nissan Armada:


An SUV named after a fleet of warships. That’s the ticket.

Whether you’re navigating a downtown parking ramp, drive through, or parallel parking, nothing beats the experience you’ll get from the Nissan Armada.

Coming in ’09: the Nissan Fleet: an SUV so big it makes other drivers poop themselves.

3 thoughts on “Nissan Armada SUV Review”

  1. I always chuckle when a new Ford SUV comes out. They insist on starting it with the letter E and is has to be some version of and adventure or journey that’s bigger than the last.

    From Smallest to Giganticest: Escape, Explorer, Expedition, Excursion…

    I’m waiting for the Exploitation before I buy.

  2. Gabe’s onto something, but I think I’ll wait for the Ford ‘Explanation’ SUV…the one where they explain why I’m buying a vehicle that was designed to avoid all the sedan safety and gas mileage CAFE requirements (beyond the obvious answer–auto maker profit margins are higher on SUVs).

    The Ford Explanation, where honesty meets Job One.

  3. Stand next to one of those things. You think it looks big from 10 feet away? It’s ridiculous and I can’t figure out why anyone would want one of those.

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