The Building Across from The Groveland Tap is For Sale

$650,000 will get you the NW corner of St Clair & Fairview. Two 2nd floor apts and chiropractor for a tenant who’s using the first floor and part of the 2nd:

St Clair & Fairview Listing

What could that corner really use? How about a wine bar? Hmmm, parking already kind of sucks at that corner, so that might not be the best choice.

But if it was a wine bar it could have a VIP tasting area on the 2nd floor.

Or a cheese eating peace circle meditation room for Mac students.

Or a special White Zin area for Tommies.

2 thoughts on “The Building Across from The Groveland Tap is For Sale”

  1. Well, it would need more than a pretty awning and a patio to make this into a destination wine bar…or even an appealing neighborhood one. Maybe if the wait staff wore hooters outfits. 😉

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