The AP Recycles Awesome Quotes

Doing their part to save the environment, the AP (and KARE 11) recycled a quote from the Idaho Statesman that can only be described as awesome:

MSP bathroom becoming tourist attraction of sorts

At the Royal Zino Shoeshine shop, the owner’s grandson, Royal Zino, said he might have been working the day Craig was arrested.

“I might’ve actually been here. Me and my buddy were watching them doing a sting,” he told the Idaho Statesman.

That’s right. A quote from a guy who “might’ve actually” been there.

Hey AP, if you need a quote from someone who “probably wasn’t” or “can’t remember for sure” whether he was there, give me a shout. Actually, consider yourself pre-approved to quote me as “probably wasn’t” in any similar crime scene retrospectives.

Example: Ed Kohelr, who works in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, told the Minneapolis StarTribune that he, “probably wasn’t at Redstone that particular day. But if I was, I probably had the rotisserie turkey sandwich.”

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