Filtering a Blog by Author using Yahoo Pipes

Steve Rubel Twittered last night saying:

Checking out blognation. Like it but wish I could subscribe to individual bloggers.

He raises a great point. It can be annoying on multi-author blogs to have to read everything when you’re only interested in the perspectives of some of the authors. On Technology Evangelist, we address with with individual author feeds on each author page.

However, another way to achieve this is to use Yahoo Pipes to filter a blog feed by author. As an example, i created an Yahoo Pipes feed filter for Blognation that creates a filter for the author of your choice. I arbitrarily chose Marc Orchant as the default author, so clicking the Run button will filter the feed for Mr. Orchant unless you switch out the name with other authors.

Giving people control over what they consume is going to happen whether you enable it or not. Clearly, few people are filtering RSS feeds on Yahoo Pipes today, but stuff like this is going to happen.

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