Minneapolis Crime of the Week

I think there may be a lesson in here about not watching TV while driving:

39th/Freemont Avs N: Officers observed car with hanging television blocking driver’s view; officers initiated traffic stop after driver failed to signal turn; officers recovered loaded 40 caliber Taurus semi-automatic under front passenger seat which was reported stolen in Minneapolis; driver had only instruction permit: Arrested/ WEAPON

7 thoughts on “Minneapolis Crime of the Week”

  1. Nice…FIVE BLOCKS FROM WHERE I LIVE some guy is driving around with a loaded 40 caliber in the car.

    Great, some NRA-type can explain how that makes life safer again.

  2. Mike, look on the bright side. When he clips you with his car while you’re biking but fails to kill you clean, he can put you down with his .40.

  3. Keep in mind that the firearm was already illegally posessed… makes an argument about disarming us law-abiding ones a little silly.

    I mean, think about it… a stolen gun, carrying without a permit, driving without a license?

    I doubt another law on the books was gonna keep this person from having that gun.

  4. Mike: You, and people like yourself, are being ruled by the minority, meaning the select few lawless, cowardly, piece of shit “citizens” who create this culture of fear and hate, while the majority of us do our own thing and do our best to not cause problems. (Not that I am saying our country is not too strictly governed already) This man had no license to operate his motor vehicle. He was carrying a stolen handgun. Laws mean little to people like this.

    I am turning 21 soon, and I am planning on capitalizing on my right to conceal and carry as quickly as possible, with my right to a Glock 17 next in line. Especially living in Minneapolis. Especially being a person who wants to ride their bike on the greenway past dark without getting robbed. Or mugged. Or BEATEN TO DEATH.

    So what is your problem with the NRA and what they represent exactly?

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