Archive vs Hide on Gmail and Google Docs

Using consistent naming conventions isn’t always easy. Especially when you’re creating functionality that’s new in the marketplace.

One example of this comes from Google, who seems to be trying to figure out the best way to explain hiding files within their applications.

Within Gmail, they’ve used the term “Archive” for this functionality:

Gmail Archive

For those of you not familiar with the archive feature, clicking to archive a message in your inbox moves it out of the inbox but doesn’t delete it. It’s still immediately retrievable through search. It’s a great way to file away emails that you’ve processed after reading or responding. You’ll stop wasting time scanning emails you’ve already dealt with.

Google Docs is another application using this functionality. I use Google Docs to draft a lot of the posts for Technology Evangelist. Once posted, I have little use for my draft, but don’t necessarily want to throw it away. Yet I shouldn’t have to clutter up my online folders with old drafts.

Archiving old documents solves this problem.

Strangely, Google has changed the term they use for this functionality within Google Docs from “Archive” to “Hide”:

Google Docs Hide

Which term do you think best describes this functionality?

Will Google standardize on hide?

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