Buy Single Chapters of Lonely Planet Books

This is pretty cool. Darren Barefoot noticed that you can now buy individual chapters of Lonely Planet books online.

For example, one of the hottest new travel blogs on the block, Camacho Watcho, is about Katie “Camacho” Cannon’s upcoming trip to Uruguay. I was paging through the Lonely Planet South America book at REI yesterday and found the Uruguay section to be the shortest section in the VERY think travel book. Lugging that thing around would be kind of a pain.

But you could buy just the 29 page Uruguay section as a PDF for $4 online.

One thought on “Buy Single Chapters of Lonely Planet Books”

  1. Great post! It was frustrating to go to the bookstore and have basically no information available on Uruguay. I like Lonely Planet but they weren’t helpful in my case. I went with another travel book instead (Froder’s South America), which is very helpful and does have a good section on Uruguay, but I’ll definitely purchase the Lonely Planet section as well. Thanks!

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