How Could You Overpay for an iPhone?

I’ve been in Canada the past couple days, so it’s quite possible that I’ve lost touch with the nuances of the American retail system.

For example, all I could do was scratch my head when I read this quote about the iPhone price reduction in the NY Times:

IPhone Owners Crying Foul Over Price Cut

The rebate, at least, was enough to mollify some early iPhone customers like Kevin Tofel, a blogger in Telford, Pa., who writes about mobile phones at a blog called jkOnTheRun. Mr. Tofel was so annoyed with the surprising iPhone price drop that he was planning to make T-shirts that read, “I was a $200 iPhone beta tester for Apple.”

“I just felt so used as a consumer,” he said. “They hyped up the iPhone for six months and built up our expectations, and then they grabbed our extra $200 and ran.”

Huh? Help me understand this. Did Mr. Tofel pay more than he was willing to pay for his iPhone? Absolutely not. In fact, based on the 80 iPhone related posts he’s written for his blog, the iPhone seems to have been a valuable asset that’s inspired his writing.

80 posts? He shouldn’t feel used. His iPhone should.

People like this should have hoped for a $200 price bump to $799 since it would have generated some exclusivity for their iPhone related blog posts. Now everyone’s going to be able to write iPhone blog posts, thus diluting the value of iPhone blog posts from the $599 suckers buyers.

People like this could learn a thing or two from Technology Evangelist’s in-house gadget geek, Ben. He has an innate ability to pay full retail for technology products, somehow beating the clock on even the most obvious retail discounts that will be just around the corner.

If you’ve ever wondered who the guy is who’s selling all the like-new barely-used gadgets on Ebay, that’s Ben.

But Ben’s not complaining. He’s acknowledged his problem and is comfortable with his over exuberance for full priced shiny things.

To those who feel duped, why are you blaming Apple for lowering the price on something you talked yourself into buying at the higher price?

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